This week is shaping up to be huge for Magic Leap

GDC is on us and it looks like Magic Leap is coming out in force. 

The team has been tweeting out images of a building decked out with Magic Leap logos and even a shot of a NASA spacesuit just in case we all forgot that TED talk from years ago. 

I expect they will be showing demos in that room to either the press or GDC attendees. Worst case it will only be for select developers but regardless there are going to be many more people that have experiencing Magic Leap by the end of the week. 

At the same time it appears WETA Gameshop is having a coming out party of sorts. They have been working on a game called Dr. Grordbort for over 6 years in tandem with the development of Magic Leap hardware. I suspect we will finally see in-game footage similar to the concept they released years ago. 

 An SDK release is almost certain. This was tweeted by Magic Leaps cloud architect.

 And as users on /r/magicleap discovered has changed. Still inaccessible, but the error message is new and the portal below the login appears to be “opening”. 

 Should be a fun week ahead. I’m extremely curious how they decide to show footage of the device in action. We are going to know a lot more about what this first iteration of Magic Leap can do.